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Our telephone hours are 9-5pm Monday to Friday AEST – please feel to leave a message outside of these hours and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible

What is A-beauty? An Australian beauty explainer-The Day Ahead

What is A-beauty? An Australian beauty explainer


A-beauty refers to all of the beauty, skincare and wellness products from Australia with a uniquely Australian identity tied to the land and lifestyle.

Australian beauty, or A-beauty as it’s affectionately dubbed, has quietly slipped into the consciousness of the beauty world and is quickly making a big impact on complexions and regimens everywhere.

Like those who inhabit Australia, A-beauty is fuss-free and easy going. And unlike its K-beauty counterpart, which is famed for complicated 10-step routines and elusive trends like glass skin, Australian beauty simplifies things. 

Combine that straightforward and undemanding ethos with powerful, efficacious native ingredients and you have a recipe for skin success that’s almost effortless. If you’re looking for specifics on what sets A-beauty apart. Here’s what you need to know:

A-beauty champions a pared back approach...
Whether they live by the bush or sea, or call one of Australia’s capital cities home, Australians prefer a laid back lifestyle so it’s only natural that our beauty routines reflect this. The country is also famous for its harsh, sometimes unpredictable climate, meaning its inhabitants need results-driven, protective and nourishing products all year long. There’s no disciplined regimen to follow, or convoluted steps to adhere to where A-beauty is concerned. It’s effective but uncomplicated; potent but stripped back.

A-beauty heroes ingredients you won’t find anywhere else...
Australia is home to a variety of unique superfoods and potent plants. It’s thanks to the varying landscapes and ecosystems found across the continent—desert, rainforest, mountain ranges, bushland and beaches—that an abundance of unique native flora can thrive, like the vitamin C-rich Kakadu plum, Quandong and desert lime and powerful antioxidants like Tasman pepper leaf and wattle. That these plants have adapted to the harsh climate and often hostile conditions is a testament to their strength and potency.

A-beauty brands to know…
For potent skincare look to brands like Hunter Lab, Saya and Theseeke, each of which delivers on uncomplicated but efficacious and cruelty-free formulas. If hair care is the priority, reach for Blondi Beach, a nourishing at-home treatment. Likewise, Leif will solve both hair and body care needs, and keep your bathroom looking good too. If it’s beauty from the inside out you’re searching for, Imbibe delivers on gut-health staples and collagen supplements. For the home, Black Blaze, with its room sprays inspired by the scents of Australia, gives you access to the smell of the bush or rainforest, no matter how far you might be from these iconic locations.

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