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What are the skincare benefits of face serum?-The Day Ahead

What are the skincare benefits of face serum?


Of all the skincare products to include in your regimen, serum is one of those products that people are often unclear about what it does and if they need it. Cleanser, toner, moisturiser, spot/acne treatment are all pretty self-explanatory, but when it comes to serum, it’s not quite so clear cut.

So, what exactly is face serum? What are the skincare benefits and how do you add serum into your skincare routine? Read on as we answer all these face serum-related questions and more.

What is face serum?

Face serum is a skincare product formulated to deliver active ingredients into the skin to target specific skin concerns and needs.

How does serum differ from moisturising cream or lotion?

Serums are much lighter than their heavier cream or lotion counterparts and formulated with a higher concentration of actives. According to WebMD, serums contain less moisturising ingredients and fewer lubricating or thickening agents than cream or lotion, and are often water-based.

“The beauty of a serum is that most of the fluid is eliminated so that what you’re left with is a high concentration of active ingredients. They’re the true workhorses of any product line,” cosmetic chemist Ni’Kita Wilson told WebMD.

What is the beauty benefit of a face serum?

With a high concentration of actives, the main benefit to the skin of a serum is that it efficiently delivers a concentrated dose of actives topically onto the skin.

Whether your serum contains actives to target anti-ageing, such as antioxidants or vitamin A, skin brightening like vitamin C, an anti-inflammatory ingredient such as blue tansy, a serum can penetrate deeply into the skin. A serum delivers an effective and potent infusion of ingredients, allowing them to work their beauty magic with maximum benefit.

How to add a face serum into your skincare regimen

A serum is simple to add into your skincare regimen. You can find our guide on the order to apply skincare products for optimal effectiveness, here, but basically a serum goes on after cleansing (and toning if desired) and before moisturising.

Because serums are light and target a specific concern, serums work effectively for the skin when applied before a moisturiser, so the moisturiser can help lock in the serum’s actives, as well as hydrate and protect the skin.

How to choose a serum to suit your skin type and needs

When considering which serum to add to your skincare routine, think about what your main skin concern is and opt for a serum containing actives that target that specific concern.

If anti-ageing is a concern, look for a serum that works to renew and rejuvenate the skin, soften wrinkles and promote collagen production. Think: serums with retinol (vitamin A), antioxidants and peptides.


Hunter Lab Peptide Anti-Ageing Elixir
Bondi Skin Co. Vitamin A (Retinoid) Serum
Mukti The Ultimate Age Defiance Trio

Is pigmentation or uneven dull skin tone a concern? Try a serum formulated with brightening actives such as vitamin C or licorice extract.


Cannabella Complex CoQ10 Serum
Grown Alchemist Brightening Serum Phyto-Complex & Rumex Leaf Extract

For skin prone to redness, irritation and inflammation seek out a serum with calming actives like vitamin E and anti-inflammatory ingredients such as hemp seed oil and marine-based extracts like microalgae and bladderwrack.


Hunter Marine Healing Essence
Cannabella Renewal Serum

Dry skin? Deliver it a surge of hydration with a hyaluronic-based serum such as Mukti Hyaluronic Marine Serum.

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