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Our telephone hours are 9-5pm Monday to Friday AEST – please feel to leave a message outside of these hours and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible

The perfect beauty gifts for every occasion-The Day Ahead

The perfect beauty gifts for every occasion

The ultimate beauty gift guide for your beauty-obsessed friend, makeup and skincare-loving sister, your friend’s housewarming and more.

Beauty gifts are one of the most universally beloved gifts to receive. Whether it’s gifting your beauty-loving sister that skincare product she’s had on her must-have list forever, presenting your best friend with a beautiful home fragrance or candle to scent a new home, or handing your mum a luxurious hand cream that she would never treat herself to but is delighted to receive, a beauty gift is the perfect present for every occasion.

Read on for the ultimate beauty gift guide.

Are skincare products a good gift?

Skincare products are a great beauty gift especially for the beauty-lover in your life. What should you gift? If you’re not sure what skin type your gift recipient has, go for a skincare mask. Masks are an essential part of a skincare regimen but are often considered an afterthought, so gifting a mask is a lovely glow-giving treat.

Go for a mask that delivers on the skincare front and is housed in pretty packaging like Peggy Sue Perfume Trio or Theseeke Rosé Clay Mask. A pretty and effective mask is the perfect skincare gift and will also make for an Insta-worthy bathroom #shelfie.

A serum is a good beauty gift option for the beauty lover in your life whose skin type you do know. As your beauty-loving friend, relative or work colleague will attest, serums are essential, and you can never have enough serum options to call on to treat what their skin needs that day. A hydration-boosting serum like Mukti Hyaluronic Marine Serum makes for a perfect skincare product gift, or go for a serum with buzzy beauty ingredients like Cannabella Renewal Serum with hemp seed oil.

Is hand cream a good beauty gift?

Hand cream is the best beauty gift of all. Hands are constantly exposed to harsh weather elements—sun, wind, cold—as well as being subjected to frequent washing with soaps that dry the skin out. Translation? The skin on our hands needs extra care. A moisturising, skin-protecting, soothing hand cream like Grown Alchemist Soothing Hand Cream: Cactus Flower, Cedarwood Atlas, Tri-Hyaluronan Complex makes for an ideal beauty gift for anyone and everyone from your mum to your sister, friend, colleague or even your dad—it’s the most universal gift.

A hand wash and hand lotion duo is also a top beauty gift, think Hunter Lab Hand and Body Wash paired with Hunter Lab Hydrating Hand and Body Lotion.

What beauty gift should I buy my beauty-obsessed sister, brother, friend or colleague?

When selecting gifts for the beauty lover in your life think products from cult-favourite or under-the-radar brands, products with cutting-edge or buzzy ingredients, and always consider the bathroom #shelfie potential of the product’s packaging.

We love Peggy Sue Blue PM Tansy Facial Oil and Theseeke Balance Elixir with its cool blue hue is also a stellar beauty gift option for the beauty obsessed as is Saya Shave Lotion.

Don’t be afraid to gift beauty supplements to the beauty lover in your life, they will probably already be firm converts to beauty from the inside out and will love a glow-giver like Imbibe Miracle Collagen.

Lip products and kits like Theseeke Kissy Kissy Lip Balm, Peggy Sue Silk Lip Duo, Imbibe Collagen Lips, and Cannabella Hemp Jelly are also high on the list of beauty gifts your beauty-loving friend or relative will be thrilled to add to their beauty bag.

Last but not least on the list are beauty tools. A face roller in pretty rose quartz like Theseeke Rose Quartz Crystal Face Roller or a gua sha face sculpting tool will land you at the top of the best gift giver list every time.

What is the perfect beauty gift for my mum?

A beautiful hand cream, aromatic hand and body wash, luxurious bath oil, botanical-based soak or salts is the perfect, thoughtful beauty gift for mum. Anything that gives your mum a lovely, indulgent moment of self-care makes for a great beauty gift.

Top options for mum: Peggy Sue Green Superfood Bath Shots, Theseeke Calendula and Rose Botanical Salt Soak, Leif Kakadu Plum Hand Balm, Leif Lillypilly Hand Wash.

What is a good beauty gift for my dad?

Shave products like Hunter Lab Cleansing Shave Foam along with thoroughly cleansing soaps like Hunter Lab Exfoliating Hand Body and Body Bar make for good dad beauty gifts. Hair products such as Saya Argan Shampoo, Saya Argan Conditioner and Hunter Lab Natural Hair Pomade are also great options for dad.

What should I gift a friend for their housewarming?

A chic bottle of home fragrance or a beautifully scented candle are ideal housewarming gifts. Scented with notes of pine, green grass and eucalyptus, Black Blaze Bush Walk Interior Fragrance Spray brings the great Australian outdoors in and makes for a sublime housewarming hostess or host gift.

Another great housewarming gift is an elevated hand sanitiser like Hunter Lab 24 Hour Hand Sanitiser. These days, every household has hand sanitiser so why not gift an effective, chic-looking version with an uplifting fragrance?

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