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The benefits of buying your beauty and skincare products from Australia

The benefits of buying your beauty and skincare products from Australia


A-beauty means utilising effective native botanicals, supporting small-batch and local suppliers, and being kind to the environment, animals and your skin. 

Other than glowing skin, nourished hair and a well-scented home, investing in A-beauty, that is, brands owned and run by Australians, presents numerous benefits.

When one buys into the world of Australian beauty it’s a chance to own a slice of what makes this country so special, including its unique, skin-loving plants and botanicals. Kakadum plum, Quandong, wattleseed extract and desert lime are just some of the native ingredients that give this category its distinct edge. Look to Leif, Saya and Hunter Lab for botanical-based products. 

Another incentive: it’s a chance to invest in and support local and small-batch producers, a particularly compelling reason if you’ve ever felt disenfranchised by big beauty, frustrated with confusing product labels and the never ending cycle of new product launches.

To spend with these local and small-batch producers is to shop considerately and spend wisely given their output, impact and formulations are approached thoughtfully, and with the best intentions from day one.

The vast majority of A-beauty brands are also vegan, cruelty-free, plant-based and verified organic, a testament to this thoughtful approach for both your skin and the environment.

ImbibeTheseeke and Blondi Beach, all female-founded and run businesses, promise to simplify busy beauty routines but also, and most importantly, deliver results that don’t cost the earth. 

In a realm where greenwashing is ripe and the ‘clean beauty’ tag doesn’t stand up to much scrutiny, it’s refreshing to know that for A-beauty brands, earth and animal-friendly products aren’t a gimmick but a prerequisite. 

Unsurprisingly, inclusivity, another sore point for the beauty industry at large, has become a calling card for A-beauty brands, which are often unintentionally and intentionally, gender neutral.

The beauty space has a habit of feeling intimidating, especially when it’s so obviously geared towards binary stereotypes. Clean, easy-to-use and fuss-free packaging isn’t always a given so it’s encouraging to see A-beauty brands, such as Black Blaze, offer products that work but also look so good you’ll both want to put them on show. 

Australian beauty may be a relatively new category but the A-beauty contingent proves your products can do it all and that where there’s efficacy, there’s still thoughtful formulation and design. A point of view that certainly feels refreshing for right now. 

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