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Our telephone hours are 9-5pm Monday to Friday AEST – please feel to leave a message outside of these hours and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible

Our telephone hours are 9-5pm Monday to Friday AEST – please feel to leave a message outside of these hours and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible

Meet Julia Frank and Daniel Frank, the siblings behind The Day Ahead-The Day Ahead

Meet Julia Frank and Daniel Frank, the siblings behind The Day Ahead


Julia and Daniel, above, at Julia's wedding, which was held at Daniel's house. 

Welcome! If you're here, you probably want to know more about us, the co-founders of The Day Ahead. We're also brother and sister, raised in Sydney, Australia, and started working on our business in 2019 before we launched in mid 2020. Read on to find out how we operate, what we love about A-beauty and where we call paradise.    

What did you want to pursue as a career when you finished school and what did you study?
Daniel: "I thought being a diplomat would be interesting and studied international relations and history followed by a postgraduate law degree." 
Julia: "I always wanted to write for Vogue Australia, however I first did a law degree combined with an arts degree majoring in art history and theory, before landing my dream job on the digital team at that very magazine."

Tell us about what you do aside from The Day Ahead and how you came to this point in your career?
D: "I currently work in insurance but have worked in consulting, banking and also government. I enjoy a challenge, so learning about e-commerce in a creative field appealed to me." 
J: "I work full-time as the digital editorial director at Vogue, Vogue Living and GQ Australia. I love what I do and was ready to apply my skills in another way to something self-started." 

Why did you start the business?
D: "The idea of a dedicated Australian beauty retailer struck me as something that had great potential. I am always keen to do something different!" 
J: "While living in New York, working at American Vogue, I noticed a curiosity for Australian-made, planted-based, organic products that were not harmful to the environment or the body. I felt there was an opportunity to bring this Australian attitude towards beauty to the world." 

How did the name for The Day Ahead come to you?
D: "Julia kept saying we should link the name to something about Australia being ahead of the rest of the world in terms of time zone—she said what about ‘A Day Ahead’ and after one small tweak we settled on ‘The Day Ahead’." 
J: "And, the name can also refer to your daily beauty and skincare regimen and how that sets you up for the day. We love the double meaning!" 

What interested you about e-commerce and building your own business?
D: "The opportunity to build a brand from scratch." 
J: "Having ownership over the curation of products and story-telling in a way that is authentic to us and the brands we invest in." 

What interested you about A-beauty and the brands you stock at The Day Ahead?
D: "I love the idea of showcasing Australia to the world—especially in a way that doesn’t default to the usual stereotypes. Australia is a diverse place both culturally and geographically and the brands we stock reflect this diversity as well as a sophistication that we believe is a bit of an overlooked aspect of Australia and Australians." 
J: "There is a place for kitschy Australiana but that’s not reflective of us or the lives we live. A-beauty encompasses the sophisticated aspects of Australian production, from utilising our country’s incredibly powerful native ingredients to sustainable sourcing and business practices and elegant packaging worthy of a bathroom shelfie. We’re so proud of these products and the design that goes into them. They’re also great for us, the environment, cruelty-free and effective!" 

How do you split the roles and responsibilities of the business?
D: "I look after the financial and operational side of things but in a business like this marketing crosses over into every aspect of my role!" 
J: "I am responsible for the brand and product assortments, visuals, social media, PR and marketing side. But as Daniel says, marketing is really a joint effort." 

How do you each balance two jobs, a personal life and self-care?
D: "Sometimes with great difficulty! It’s about habits, dedicating some time each day to The Day Ahead while ensuring I am doing my other job very well. Personal life for me primarily revolves around my wife and two young children. Self-care and wellbeing is very important and mainly involves exercise and trying to get out of my home office at least once a day! Time for myself is limited but at the end of the day I do everything I can for my family." 
J: "Once I know everything is going well at my day job, I can focus on The Day Ahead so this happens at night or on the weekend. I prioritise moving my body every day, whether that’s going for a walk or to a Pilates class, and I enjoy a facial or massage when I can. I also dedicate at least 10 minutes a night to a thorough nighttime beauty routine, which helps me wind down after a busy day. It doesn’t leave time to binge-watch a TV show or socialise as much as I used to, but I have a very supportive husband who runs his own e-commerce business and understands the sacrifice it takes to make it all happen." 

What have been the most rewarding and most challenging parts of starting your own business so far?
D: "The idea of creating something from nothing is very rewarding as is supporting Australian brands. Time is always a challenge!"
J: "Likewise, time is the challenging part and the one thing that’s impossible to buy more of or outsource. Any time we sell a product is a thrill and it’s so rewarding when we receive incredible feedback from customers on our products and experience." 

What's it like to work with your sibling?
D: "It’s great—we get on really well and there is so much trust!" 
J: "I definitely feel the same way. Also, the understanding for each other’s families, because we couldn’t do it without them, and the respect we have for each other’s time and balancing of personal and business priorities." 

What are your favourite A-beauty products and what is your skincare regimen?
D: "My favourite A-beauty products are those with native ingredients—I think there is still so much more to explore when it comes to local ingredients. I have a simple regimen: Hunter Lab Invigorating Shampoo, Grown Alchemist Gentle Gel Face Cleanser and Saya Body Wash." 
J: "I am obsessed with Black Blaze Interior Fragrance Spray. I have one in every room. I use Ms Brown Jasmine Hand Wash for the bathroom (it’s so gentle and nourishing) and Theseeke Cleanse Hand and Body Wash for the kitchen (it feels so clean). In the morning, I cleanse with Grown Alchemist Gentle Gel Face Wash, followed by Hunter Lab SPF50+ Facial Sunscreen (essential!) and Hunter Lab Daily Face Fuel. Grown Alchemist Roll-On Deodorant is really refreshing—it doesn’t block sweat, it just neutralises the smell. I use Imbibe Miracle Collagen if I'm making a smoothie—or I simply dissolve it into my long black as it’s completely tasteless. At night, I cleanse again and exfoliate every second day with Grown Alchemist Polishing Face Scrub. I use Grown Alchemist Spot Treatment Gel if needed and then mix a few drops of Theseeke Rose Elixir into Theseeke Facial Moisturiser. For my hair, I use Summer Stories Full Hair Shampoo and Conditioner, and a tiny pump of Blondi Beach Hair Rescue Oil to tame fly-aways. I love Leif Lemon Myrtle Body Wash for the shower and moisturise with Leif Lemon Myrtle Body Lotion afterwards while my skin is still slightly damp."

What are your favourite places to travel in Australia?
D: "I have a soft spot for Tasmania—I love the natural environment coupled with the food! I also like to go hiking anywhere in the Great Diving Range." 
J: "I feel at home in Byron Bay, and my husband’s family have a place up north near Mullumbimby. I should also call out Lord Howe Island—it’s literally paradise." 

What is your favourite Australian food?
D: "Can I say barbequed prawns?" 
J: "If we can claim avocado toast, I’ll go with that." 

What is your favourite thing about being Australian when you travel overseas?
D: "Everyone smiles at you—people have this impression of Aussies as happy go lucky and fun loving!"
J: "The fascination with my accent. And all the hilarious questions that follow. (I have really been asked if I ride a kangaroo around.)"

What is your favourite Australian slang word/phrase?
D: "The old ‘yeah, nah’ is a good one." 
J: "When I lived in New York, I had some funny miscommunications around the words lifts, rubbish bins and thongs (I meant the shoes!)."


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