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How to use face, beauty and body oils in your skincare routine-The Day Ahead

How to use face, beauty and body oils in your skincare routine

A starter guide to the good skin oils.

Keen to try a skincare oil but not sure where to start? Read on for how to use face, body and beauty oils in your skin and body care routine.

Skincare benefits of face oil
  • Soften and smooth the skin
  • Strengthen the skin barrier
  • Help prevent loss of hydration
  • Protect skin from external aggressors such as pollution
  • Help other products absorb more easily
  • Assist with anti-ageing
  • Calm and balance inflammation
  • Help clear breakouts

As you can see, face oils have a slew of healthy benefits for your skin. As a type of emollient, face oils sit on the outer layer of the skin, working to soften the skin, strengthen its barrier and prevent loss of hydration. Face oils act as a kind of protective seal to help water stay in the skin, absorb other skincare products and block out environmental aggressors, which in turn keeps skin looking and feeling healthy, glowing and hydrated.

The hero ingredients in face oil also play a part in delivering benefits to the skin. Face oils are often formulated with antioxidants and other skin-loving nutrients that help to neutralise free radicals and assist with anti-ageing. Many face oils feature brightening, hydrating, or anti-inflammatory ingredients (think: argan oil) to evening skin tone, sealing in moisture or calm irritated skin. Plus, tea tree-based face oils may help clear acne-prone skin thanks to tea tree oil’s anti-inflammatory and bacteria-fighting properties.

It’s worth noting that face oils aren’t a moisturiser, but they can help lock in your moisturiser and keep hydration in the skin.

How to include a face oil in your skincare routine

Face oil is super simple to add to your skincare line-up. It’s the last step in your skincare routine after your moisturiser. If applied any earlier in your routine, the products following it will be unable to get through the oil barrier and be absorbed into the skin.

Face oil can be included in your day and evening routine, however, many face oils are specifically formulated for use in the evening, so they can work their skin-loving magic while you sleep. If you are including face oil in your daytime routine, apply it after your day moisturiser but before your SPF. SPF should always go on last to protect the skin from UV rays (read more about the correct order to apply skincare, here).

For oily/acne-prone skin, try: Peggy Sue PM Blue Tansy Oil or Theseeke Balance Elixir
For anti-ageing and brightening, try: Mukti Antioxidant Facial Oil Omega 3-6-9
For sensitive skin, try: Gracious Minds Vitamin Sea Luminosity Night Oil

Benefits of beauty and body oils

  • Soften and smooth the skin
  • Nourish skin, hair and nails
  • Lock in hydration
  • Reset your mood

The skincare benefits of beauty and body oils are similar to face oils, including softening, smoothing and locking in hydration. Many beauty oils are very versatile and can also be used on the hair and nails to nourish locks and nail cuticles.

Beauty and body oils are frequently formulated with essential oils which, through the power of scent, have the additional benefit of boosting your mood. The scent of essential oil can uplift, calm, soothe or de-stress, depending on the formulation (read more about mood-boosting beauty products, here).

How to include a beauty or body oil in your routine

Beauty and body oils are easy to include your body care routine. Opt for a beauty or body oil with ingredients suited to your skin’s needs and a scent you love. After showering, massage the oil onto your body, or add a few drops to your bath for a sensory soak. As a nail treatment, massage into the nails and cuticles. For dry hair, apply a few drops to the ends of the hair. For an extra nourishing boost, mix a few drops of body oil in with your favourite body lotion before applying to the skin. Beauty and body oils can be used morning and night.

To nourish dry skin, try: Saya Argan Body Oil
To soothe the skin and your soul, try: Arithmos Soothe Rose Geranium Superfine Body Oil
For thirsty skin, hair and nails, try: Peggy Sue Gwen Beauty Oil
To repair and soften skin, try: Ms Brown Geranium Body Oil

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