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Our telephone hours are 9-5pm Monday to Friday AEST – please feel to leave a message outside of these hours and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible

How to choose the perfect fragrance for each season-The Day Ahead

How to choose the perfect fragrance for each season


A guide to finding your signature seasonal scent.

Whether you’re loyal to a signature aromatic noteor prefer an array of scents for different occasionsthere’s one variable you should be matching your fragrance to: the season. Here we explore why the weather is a north star for scent, and what notes to reach for based on each season.  

Should you change your fragrance each season? 

The short answer is yes. Scents evoke a mood, feeling, or memory, so it makes sense to switch your fragrance to match the mood of the season, just like you would with the flavours in your diet.  

For instance, in the cold depths of mid-winter, feeling warm and cosy is essential. Spritzing yourself with a light, summery citrus scent is unlikely to make you feel toasty and snug, whereas a rich scent with notes of vanilla or cinnamon will feel like a warming cuddle for your senses. 

And, once you find your perfect fragrance for each season, those scents will become your signature seasonal scent wardrobe. In the same way you would update your skin regimen for the seasons, you should have a mood-matching range of signature scents to use for each change of season. winter, autumn, spring, and summer wardrobe of clothes, you’ll have a mood-matching wardrobe of signature scents to bring out and wear with each change of season. 

What are the perfect fragrances for winter? 

Snuggling up on the couch wrapped in a soft woollen blanket with a hot chocolate in one hand and the remote control in the other is the feeling we want to channel all winter long. That relaxed, warm, cosy feeling can be simple to evoke through fragrance. 

Rich, heavier fragrances are best here–think notes of vanilla, musk, cinnamon, cardamom, incense, amber, and spice.  

Floral fans will love the opulent aromas of orange blossom mixed with incense and amberWoody florals, like those in Theseeke’s Rose Cedarwood Lavender Essential Oil Perfume, bring a sweet and warm scent for winter 

Oud is another winter fragrance to consider. Oud essential oil is one of the most expensive raw fragrance ingredients of the world and has a smoky, musky scent that invokes the feeling of luxurious comfort and warmth. Oud is universally enjoyed, making it a great note for unisex fragrances. 

What are the perfect fragrances for spring? 

The warmer weather of Spring brings with it the bright sweet scents of flowers blooming, grass growing and green shoots everywhere you look. Match your scent to that invigorating spirit with crisp, light, fresh fragrances. 

Spring fragrances include scents with citrus notes such as zesty lemon, bergamot, lime, grapefruit, mandarin, and elements of the orange tree such as neroli oil, orange blossom and petit grain. Green fragrance notes reminiscent of freshly mown grass are also ideal for a spring scent, as are water-related notes like fresh sea spray and light florals that smell like a garden after a spring rain shower. 

Sharing your fragrance with your significant other in spring is easy with citrus and green notes being universally beloved scents for him, her and them. 

Spring is also a good time to refresh how you apply fragrance. Instead of spritzing it on in the usual way, switch it up and layer it on via an uplifting body wash and body lotion such as Leif’s Desert Lime Body Cleanser and Body Lotion duo. 

What are the perfect fragrances for summer? 

The endless days of summer call for floral scents that remind you of outdoor picnicsal fresco weddings, early morning strollstropical island holidays, or overflowing bowls of ripe summer fruit 

If an English country garden is your idea of scent heaven, look for fragrances with notes of rose and peony. Other signature summer notes include jasmine, orange blossom, bergamot, mimosa, lily and frangipani 

Summer fragrances should be applied with a light touch as their scents can become stronger with the higher temperatures. Seek out fresh, light alternatives to traditional perfume sprays to apply your chosen summer scent. For instance, Theseeke’s Rose Elixir is a summer beauty must-have. It’s a multi-use beauty oil suitable to moisturise the face and the body as well as wear as a perfume and use as a bath oil or a cleanser. Pair it with the Rose Otto Hydration Mist to spritz over skin and it’s a scented summer dream. 

What are the perfect fragrances for autumn? 

When the leaves start changing colour and long, sunny days turn to the cooler, shorter days of autumn, it’s the prime season for enjoying the outdoors in all its glory without the sweaty heat of summer.  

So, what are the ideal scents for autumn? Look to fragrances from the wood family. Even if you’re spending the day indoors at a desk, a woody scent will immediately transport you to a favourite outdoor park or walking trail. Woody autumnal scent notes include sandalwood, cedarwood, vetiver, earthy patchouli, oakmoss and bergamot, along with forest notes like earthy balsam wood and green pine needles.  

As well as your own signature fragrance for autumn, scenting your home with an autumnal-inspired interior scent such as Black Blaze’s Vetiver and Fig Interior Fragrance Spray will comprehensively set the seasonal mood.

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