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Grown Alchemist Colour Protect Conditioner 500mL bottles

Here’s why you should use natural hair care


We sift through the natural ingredients to reach for and the no-gos to ditch now.

Natural hair care boasts a multitude of benefits, aside from alleviating guilt about what you’re washing down the drain. Switching to plant-based shampoos, conditioners and treatments can do wonders for your hair and scalp health while also infusing your routine with potent, hair-enriching ingredients.

In making the switch to natural hair care, you'll want to steer clear of the following six ingredients in any formulas: silicones, parabens, sulfates (sodium lauryl sulfate or SLS and sodium laureth sulfate or SLES), triclosan, phthalates and dimethicone. These ingredients can often be harsher than their natural counterparts and cause scalp irritation. Silicones build up over time, coating the hair and clogging the shaft, preventing important proteins and moisture from being absorbed.

What are the benefits of switching to natural, plant-based hair care products?

Rather than relying on detergents and surfactants, natural hair care products from A-beauty brands Saya, Leif, Hunter Lab and Grown Alchemist use botanicals and essential oils to cleanse and nourish. Ingredients such as blue cypress, Quandong, desert lime, wattle seed and kangaroo apple deliver antioxidants, soothe the scalp and fortify the hair. Opting into these plant-based ingredients ensures you’re treated to a reliable clean that won’t irritate or damage hair in the long-term.

Try these shampoos and conditioners:

Should I use natural hair treatments?

A well-rounded hair care routine should always include natural, plant-based hair treatments to help keep tresses healthy. Frizz, dry hair, and even split ends can be avoided or tamed with a nurturing remedy.

These treatments have been formulated with a slew of plant-based ingredients designed to care for and strengthen hair outside of the shower:

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