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Our telephone hours are 9-5pm Monday to Friday AEST – please feel to leave a message outside of these hours and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible

A complete body skincare regimen for winter, spring, summer and autumn-The Day Ahead

A complete body skincare regimen for winter, spring, summer and autumn

Adapt your skincare for glowing skin in all seasons, 365 days of the year.

A change in season doesn’t just signal that it’s time for a sartorial switch-up; it’s also the time to reset and refresh your skincare routine. And we’re not only talking about the skin on your face. Looking after the skin on your face and body by adapting your regimen to each seasonal change is essential to keeping your skin in healthy condition all year round. 

According to research, our skin is impacted negatively by the climate around usThe cold, unforgiving winds of autumn and winter play particular havoccausing a slew of issues ranging from dry and itchy skin to irritation and redness. Spring can also be a surprisingly challenging time for skin with allergies that lay dormant during winter flaring upand not just in the usual ways (sneezing, watery eyes, congestion etc) but also in the form of itchy, sensitiveuncomfortable, and irritated patches of skin on the face and body 

Summer is, of course, synonymous with glowing skin. The humidity in the air brings extra moisture into our skin, helping it look and feel hydrated and radiant. However, stronger UV rays require diligent use of SPF. 

Changing up your body skincare line-up each season may sound daunting, but it’s actually pretty simple once you know the basics of what to add in and subtract outit’s as easy as throwing on a T-shirt when it’s warm or a sweater when it’s cool. 

We’ve covered your essential seasonal face skincare regimen here. Read on for how to create a healthy, glowing complete body skincare routine for each season. 

How does winter affect the skin? 

Winter is a divisive season; some people dread it, while others love it. Whatever your feelings about it, research has shown that the harsh, cold weather of winter universally impacts the skin in less-than-ideal ways including decreased skin barrier function and susceptibility to irritants and allergens.  

So what does this mean for the skinAccording to Healthline.com, when your skin barrier isn’t working properlyyou’re more likely to develop dry, itchy, rough or inflamed skin, as well as skin infections. The good news? That laundry list of possible skin issues may be lessened with a winter-specific skincare regimen.  

Essential products and ingredients for a winter body care regimen 

One of the key goals of a body skincare routine in the cooler months is to repair and protect the skin barrier functionA 2018 study found that certain plant oils do just that. In the study, the plant oils found to repair the skin barrier included coconut oil, argan oil and jojoba oilLook to these ingredients for your body care line-up for winter. 

Richer, creamy moisturisers will help stave off the inevitable dryness and boost hydrationSaya Rich Body Cream is a stellar option and also happens to include coconut oil. Taking an extra minute or two to apply moisturiser each day will pay off when you emerge from winter with healthy, hydrated skin.  

Sloughing off dead skin cells is even more important in cold weather, so an exfoliator like Leif Caviar Lime Body Scrub is a winter body care must-have. Make sure to moisturise after exfoliating to lock in hydration.  

How does spring affect the skin? 

The shift from winter to spring with the additional pollen in the air can cause skin to misbehave. Itchy, scratchy, irritated, inflamed skin is often what we’re faced with when the warmer weather arrives. Spending more time outside means increased UV exposure, which may translate to sun damage and the extra humidity in the air often means sweating and an increase in oil production (hello, breakouts). 

Essential products and ingredients for a spring body care regimen 

Seek out products that have soothing, healing and anti-inflammatory ingredients, like olive oil, coconut oil, argan oil, rosehip oil, aloe vera, and chamomile oil to address spring-related itchy, irritated and inflamed skin concerns. Keep your skin calm with a soothing body lotion rather than a heavier creamthe lighter lotion will help keep oil production at bay. 

Spring is a good time to up your exfoliation from once to twice a week and switch to a chemical exfoliator containing gentle AHAs (alpha-hydroxy acids). Amp up your SPF during spring, especially on parts of your body more frequently exposed to the sun (hands, neck, décolletage and legs). 

How does summer affect the skin? 

Summer is typically the season of peak glow, but if we don’t look after our skin with a summer-proof body care routine that glow may just be the bright red beacon of sunburn. The additional humidity in the summer air means an increase in both sweating and oil production, which can lead to blocked pores and breakouts. 

Essential products and ingredients for summer body care regimen 

Every summer body care regimen starts with SPF. Don’t skimp on sunscreen by only applying it to your face. Liberally apply SPF from head to toe. There are great options in both mineral and chemical versionsapply and reapply through the day, daily. This means even on non-beach days when you’ll only be outside for a short period, such as during your commute.  

Similar to spring, opt for a lighter lotion or gel moisturiser featuring cooling ingredients like aloe vera and watermelon. Keep body breakouts at bay by switching from a creamier body cleanser or soap bar to a lighter body wash that includes antioxidants and thoroughly cleanses the skin without stripping it of moisture. Try Hunter Lab Hand and Body Wash. 

Finally, exfoliate! Sand, surf and sun all take their toll on the skin, and regularly sloughing off the dead skin cells with an active exfoliator will help keep skin in top condition. And, if you’re planning to get your tan from the bottle rather than the sun, exfoliate pre-tan. Try Three Warriors Tasmanian Sand Scrub with cooling aloe vera and anti-inflammatory coconut oil. 

How does autumn affect the skin? 

The cooler, crisper air of autumn impacts the skin in a similar way to winter, although to a slightly lesser degree. The colder temperatures may start to decrease the skin barrier function causing the skin to become dryer, more sensitive, and more prone to irritation.  

Essential products and ingredients for an autumn body care regimen 

Protecting and strengthening the skin barrier function ahead of the full onslaught of winter is key in autumn. Give your skin a big load of hydration with a moisturiser containing deeply hydrating ingredients like hyaluronic acid and shea butter. Switch up your moisturising lotion for a body oil or richer cream. And consider adding an ingestible collagen like Imbibe Miracle Collagen into your autumnal line-up to help strengthen and boost the skin from the inside out.  

After the long summer months your skin may need a little post-sun damage repair. Reach for native Australian ingredient Kakadu plum, which is packed with vitamin C making it your go-to for a post-summer skin pick-me-up.

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