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Our telephone hours are 9-5pm Monday to Friday AEST – please feel to leave a message outside of these hours and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible

9 reasons your skin will benefit from high-quality beauty products-The Day Ahead

9 reasons your skin will benefit from high-quality beauty products

From skin-loving ingredients to sophisticated, effective formulas, read on for why high-quality beauty products are well worth the investment.

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#1 Premium ingredients

Premium beauty products are typically formulated with premium, sophisticated, skin-loving ingredients. High-quality ingredients in skincare products or makeup items may be more effective and beneficial to your skin than a cheaper beauty product formulated with a lower quality, less expensive version of the same ingredient. Think of it like eating high-quality fresh food versus fast food—after eating a fresh, healthy meal you feel energised, nourished and glowing from the inside out, whereas chowing down on a highly processed burger and fries is unlikely to leave you with the same healthy feeling. 

#2 Targeted for specific skin types

Lower quality, cheaper beauty products are often mass produced as one-product-suits-all-skin-types, whereas higher quality beauty products are frequently produced in smaller batches and formulated for specific skin types such as sensitive skin, oily skin, combination skin, ageing, and dry skin. For instance, if ageing is a concern, try Hunter Lab’s Peptide Anti-Ageing Elixir, it’s specially formulated with peptides and other anti-ageing ingredients to help promote healthy, hydrated, youthful skin.

#3 Address specific skin concerns

Similar to how high-quality beauty products are formulated to target specific skin types, they’re also formulated to address specific skin concerns. For instance, if you are prone to breakouts, your skin may benefit from a skincare regimen with specific products formulated to treat blemish-prone skin. Whereas if you opt for a skincare regimen with generic products not targeted to any particular concern it’s unlikely to deliver any results.

#4 Higher concentration of active ingredients

Active ingredients in skincare are the ingredients that do the heavy lifting to address individual skin concerns and target specific skin types. For example, a tried-and-tested ingredient like vitamin C—which is known for its skin brightening properties—is going to have a more effective and visible result if the concentration of vitamin C in the beauty product is higher. And, higher quality beauty products tend to have higher concentrations of active ingredients.
Try: Bondi Skin Co. Vitamin C Serum

#5 Unique ingredients

Premium beauty products are often formulated with unique ingredients or in a unique way. These unique ingredients and propriety brand formulations often aren’t to be found or replicated in their cheaper beauty product counterparts. These unique-to-the-brand ingredients are what sets a high-quality skincare or makeup product apart and delivers the glowing results you’re seeking.
Try: Cannabella Complex CoQ10 Serum formulated with hemp seed oil, coenzyme Q10, vitamin A, vitamin C, jojoba oil, and rosehip oil.

#6 Formulated with natural, efficacious ingredients

Natural, effective ingredients are always going to work harder and be kinder to your skin and hair than synthetic, unnatural ingredients that may even be harmful. Skin-irritating chemical additives like parabens and sulphates may be harmful to your skin and scalp when included in beauty products. Leif Blue Cypress Shampoo is formulated with native botanicals and free of parabens and sulphates leaving hair clean and nourished.

#7 Backed by research, science and clinical tests

Beauty companies who produce high-quality beauty products often have the capacity to extensively research each ingredient and formulation and provide evidence of why and how their products work through clinical tests.

#8 Formulated using advanced and new technology

New and advanced technology powers innovation in the beauty industry and this tends to be the domain of beauty companies producing high-quality products. Take innovative A-beauty company Grown Alchemist, this leading clean beauty brand produces products that synergise biology and cosmetic chemistry and is at the forefront of organic anti-ageing formulations. The brand is always looking to innovate in the clean beauty space and has the efficacious products to show for it.

#9 Doesn’t contain harmful skincare ingredients

As noted earlier, premium, high-quality beauty products don’t tend to contain harmful ingredients. The ingredients used are high-quality, effective and non-irritating, no “filler” chemicals or cheap additives that can be harmful are to be found in premium beauty products. Using a non-harmful, high-quality beauty product will have your skin visibly thanking you.

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